Audition Process

Audition Process

On your first evening, please feel free just to sit and listen to our rehearsal or you are welcome to join in the warm-up session.

Rehearsal evenings are a mixture of hard work and fun: we may be learning a new song, brushing up on established repertoire or working on a competition number. If you like what you hear, the next steps to joining us are…

Our Musical Director, Helen Lappert, will listen to you sing a simple tune to work out which voice part you’re best suited to. The four voice parts are Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass. The Leads generally sing the melody whilst the other parts sing the harmony.

You’ll then be asked to learn two songs, and our supportive team will guide you through the rest of the audition process.  You will be expected to be note perfect and be able to perform the songs without music to a small group of section leaders.  This will involve some homework on your part but it is SO worth it!  

Fancy giving it a go? Go on, be a devil! Come along and see first-hand the fun, energy and sound that we generate at our next Newbie Tuesdayl!
And don’t just take our word for it – hear it from the girls themselves

Amersham A Capella - PitchPerfect



Hallelujah // Amersham A Cappella
  1. Hallelujah // Amersham A Cappella