Why We Love It

Why We Love It

I’d seen Amersham A Cappella perform and was blown away and determined to join them. The audition process wasn’t easy but it shouldn’t be, as the standard is so high. The sense of achievement when I passed was immense and I look forward to every Tuesday night. Fabulous friends, repertoire and the added bonus of travelling to singouts and competitions, both nationally and internationally.

Amanda, PR Consultant

Singing with Amersham A Cappella is – (taking inspiration from my 5yr old & 7yr old) –
“Awesome”, “Epic” and “Wicked”. Never a truer word spoken!!!

Helen W, Pre-school BSL teacher

I love singing and joining AAC has not only enabled me to do something I love but has also given me a new wonderful family of friends.

Suzie Morton

I CAN’T READ MUSIC so I was worried about joining, but I soon found out I wasn’t alone. We have teach tracks so all members with all musical abilities can learn our songs. I listened to them over and over to learn, while others write out the words and notes in their own funny language – whatever works seems to be fine!

Ronnie, Account Manager

I was worried about COMMITTING to Tuesday nights but I found coming to rehearsals a welcome break! I often arrive feeling a bit frantic, but always leave smiling. I now look forward to my magical Tuesday nights

Irina, Retail Manager

The singing experience is truly amazing – we work hard and we play hard but there’s so much more to it than that. Everything we achieve is the result of the dedication, passion, love and talent of every single person in the chorus, not least the superhuman Helen who works day and night to help us fulfil our ambitions, both individually and as a chorus. I couldn’t imagine life without my chorus, it’s a genuine addiction!

Jeanette, Chartered Management Accountant

I joined the chorus after several years of being in other more ‘traditional’ music groups and have never looked back! Singing with AAC has increased my confidence, challenged me to do things I’ve never done before, taught me new musical skills and made me new friends.
What more could you want?

Jenny, Environmental Education Tutor

Amazing how investing a few hours a week (okay, plus a bit for learning and concerts) has
given me so much more in return. When I first joined, I remember worrying about finding time to commit from my already stressful existence – but when you really *really* love doing something, you just make the time. Now I have friends who also spontaneously sing random bits of lyrics from MGM musicals; who I have such a laugh with; who know exactly how to pick you up when you’re feeling glum; and who also happen to be super-talented at singing and dancing…

Myfanwy Neville, Chartered Accountant

I am a foster Carer of 2 children and chorus gives me time to be myself and have the best fun with my friends. Of course the singing and sense of achievement is fantastic, but the chorus is
about far more than that.

Lynne B, Foster Carer

As well as performing in a variety of places, I enjoy getting to know others,
when we travel around together.

Fiona, Pre-school teacher

I love the chance to develop the right side of my brain creating some fabulous ringing
chords after a day looking at spreadsheets!

Sue, Financial Controller

Since I joined chorus it’s difficult to imagine life without singing – I can’t get enough of
rehearsals, performances and trips away with this wonderful group of like-minded ladies!

Di, IT trainer and accounts specialist

Singing with Amersham A Cappella is just brilliant – great songs, great friends, a fabulous
director and there’s usually cake! – I defy anyone to claim they have more fun on a Tuesday

Sadie, Publishing Director, Out of the Ark Music

The UNIQUE Amersham A Cappella ‘family’; where LEARNING is FUN, giving me that
weekly BUZZ.

Lynne O.

Amersham A Cappella is my “pick me up” on a Tuesday evening. No matter how I arrive at chorus – tired, frustrated, sad, stressed – within minutes of standing on the risers and singing I can feel my spirits lift. The amazing thing is that we don’t just sing. We sing at such a very high standard. On the rare occasion that I sit out and listen to the girls sing I am truly amazed by the beautiful sound we make. It’s such an honour to sing with a chorus that sings and competes at such a high standard. The girls are all great. Everyone is different and it’s wonderful to have 60 best friends that I meet up with every Tuesday.

Dionne Smith, Learning & Development Digital Solutions Manager, AkzoNobel

I remember being NERVOUS about turning up to the first rehearsal but I needn’t have been. Throughout the audition process and afterwards, I had the SUPPORT of the membership secretary and my very own chorus buddy. I was met outside on my first night so I didn’t have to go in on my own and I have felt so welcome ever since. They seemed to like answering all my questions!

Emily, Photographer

I joined because I wanted to sing, but singing is just a fraction of what I have gained being
part of this amazing group of women.

Angie, Estate Agent

Being part of such a vibrant chorus is so uplifting, there’s really nothing else I’d rather be doing!

Kerry, Care home administrator

Singing, and being part of this very special chorus has turned my life around… It just gets
better and better.

Sharon, Health Visitor

I love singing with this chorus, we sing fabulous songs and have so much fun, we often laugh
til we cry, sing wherever we are be it in a tube station or under the Channel and I’ve made
some fantastic friends for life too.

Justine, B&B Owner

Singing with this chorus gives me something special for me, you can’t beat the camaraderie
and loyalty of this wonderful bunch of women.

Tina , Childminder

I look forward to Tuesday night – I love the challenge of learning new songs
and choreography, singing the familiar favourites and catching up with my

Suse, IT Tutor

Fun, inspiration and excitement and wonderful company!

Marion Morley, Retired PA / Secretary)

I love singing with this Chorus, it has given me the chance to try something new and discover
the feel good factor of singing in harmony, and to experience the ‘buzz’ that you get from

Paula, Pre-School Practitioner

A lovely bunch of ladies to spend time singing and laughing with, keeps me sane!!

Dani, Housewife

Being part of Amersham A Cappella should be on everyone’s Bucket List – but join while
you’re young, then you can reap the benefits for years.

Annette, Property Renovator

Singing gives me something which is physically and mentally challenging in a way that is
very different to my job. When I’m at rehearsal, I completely leave behind all the workday
demands – I simply don’t have the mental space for them! I love the hard work that comes of
being in a top chorus, and the sense of group achievement when we win medals or gain praise
from people. It makes all the hard work worth every second.

And as for why I love our chorus in particular? As hard as I might try, I can think of no other
hobby or club that I might join which could ever come close to just how much FUN we have
together. I love it that we’re a bonkers bunch, always up for a laugh, and with a big slug of
irreverence! Brilliant stuff!

Dee, Learning and Development Consultant
Hallelujah // Amersham A Cappella
  1. Hallelujah // Amersham A Cappella