If you are looking to host an event and need a smaller number of singers, one of our quartets may be an option for you. Amersham A Cappella is very proud of the two award-winning quartets that have formed from within the chorus

Venus Effect


Venus Effect is an exciting and vibrant quartet singing an eclectic mix of crowd-pleasing tunes including pop, rock, musicals and barbershop. Their aim is to entertain with oodles of sparkle and pizzazz! They are the proud holders of the 2019 UK LABBS Quartet silver medal.

Venus Effect began life in a black Mercedes in a car park in Telford! After 10 months of talking about 'getting together'….Suzie, Jo, Myf and Helen finally formed Venus Effect in Sept 2014….and haven't looked back since!

They won the Novice Quartet Award at their first ever national LABBS competition in 2015. They are having fantastic fun expanding their repertoire and fine-tuning (pun intended!) their 'sound' to ensure that they always put on a showstopping performance. To book VE for your event please contact – Helen Watson on helenflash1@gmail.com


Something for the Weekend


Something for the Weekend is a relatively new quartet formed in July 2017. The girls are proud winners of the SABS International Quartet gold medal awarded to them in Spain in 2018.

Ali (Lead) used to sing in LABBS Gold medal-winning quartet NoteOrious – which was also an Amersham Quartet - and Sarah (Tenor) & Justine (Bass) were both members of Wavelength Quartet. Sausage (Bari) - yes, that really is her name - is fairly new to Barbershop but loving the whole experience and together they really make up a Full English rather than a dogs dinner!

They are enjoying blending and singing songs with a wink and a smile. To book them for your event email: justine@springwellbarn.com

We'd love to invite you along to one of our regular rehearsals in Amersham, where you can get a taster of what we can do as well as chat about choices and options. Let us know if you'd like to attend by emailing bookings@amershamacappella.com